Belinda the Ninja Ballerina


Author: Candida Baker

Illustrator: Mitch Vane

Publisher: Ford St

Comments: Not all little girls want to be ballerinas, but few are as single minded and persistent as Belinda. Forget jetes – its all about karate! Belinda just wants to be a ninja. Her mother enrols her in ballet classes nonetheless and she reluctantly attends, though she struggles to fit in. As the end of year concert approaches, Belinda is more determined than ever to be a ninja. Some creative thinking by Miss Kate, the ballet teacher, just might save the end of year concert.

Mitch Vane’s illustrations are a delight. She brings Belinda to life with unruly hair, stubborn facial expressions and non-stop action.This is a cheeky story families will enjoy sharing, especially if there is a young dancer (or martial artist) in the family. It’s also perfect for discussing gender stereotypes, differences between people, and the concept of being true to yourself. Recommended for ages 4-6.

Parent Tip: Belinda is never still! Discuss the way Illustrator Mitch Vane uses motion lines to represent movement in her work.

*I received a review copy of Belinda the Ninja Ballerina courtesy of Ford St. No payment was received for review and all comments are based on my own professional opinion.

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