My Lost Mob

my lost mob cover

Author/Illustrator: Venetia Tyson

PublisherMagabala Books

Comments: This early childhood picture book has a simple premise: a young emu has lost his mob. Where could they be? Did they go east to the beach? Or west to the dry plains? The young emu follows the tracks, and asks others he meets along the way if they have seen his mob.

Two different styles of illustration feature throughout the book. Firstly the side view of animals the emu meets, as pictured in the circle on the front cover. And secondly, the emu tracks (also on the front cover), viewed aerially. This aerial view is a common feature of indigenous artwork and should be discussed with child readers.

The positioning of the text also provides an interesting discussion point. The wandering shape of the text reflects the wandering tracks of the mob. Both the tracks and the text lead us to turn the page each time.

This book is best suited to younger readers. It will be a useful resource in early childhood classrooms and indigenous playgroups.

Teacher Tip: This text is perfect for addressing the cross curricula priority: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in the Australian Curriculum: English. In particular it provides an opportunity to explore themes of belonging.


*I received a review copy of My Lost Mob courtesy of Magabala. No payment was received for review and all comments are based on my own professional opinion.

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