I Could Wear That Hat


Author/IllustratorBen Sanders

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

CommentsI Could Wear That Hat! is part activity book, part information picture book, and part graphic design goodness. It’s a winning combination that transforms the traditional colouring book into something with a lot more depth. I wouldn’t expect anything less from award winning designer Ben Sanders.

Essentially, this is a what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up book. The metaphorical hats represent different career options, including chef, architect, park ranger, doctor, writer and more (without any gender stereotypes). Each section starts with an interview of one of the characters about their occupation, and is then followed by a range of related activities to be completed in the book. Every activity is unique, so there is nothing boring or repetitive about the 50 pages of reading and activities! Check out the clip below.

As you would expect from Thames and Hudson, the book is a celebration of design and is beautiful to touch. The tactile cover is subtly embossed, and both back and front covers are clever double folds. The paper has obviously been carefully selected and the thick pages invite children to make their own marks.

I think this book is suitable for children in the middle years of primary school. It is also particularly suited to young readers with an advanced reading age, and these children are often tricky to cater for. They will love the challenge presented by the solid blocks of text, and enjoy independently reading the task requirements for interesting activities.

Parent Tip: This book is perfect for school holidays, especially if you’re planning to travel. It’s guaranteed to keep the kids busy on a long trip, or on a day when your travel plans and the weather don’t quite align.


*I received a review copy of I Could Wear That Hat! courtesy of Thames & Hudson, and the author. No payment was received for review and all comments are based on my own professional opinion.

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